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Barbat which is called Oud in Arabic language is a plucked string instrument and is made of wood. Barbat is one of the most important and the most common instruments of Iranian old music. It is said that this instrument belonged to ancient Iranian composer and musician, Barbod. The sound box of this instrument is semi-pear-shaped and it is made of mulberry or sometimes areca catechu wood. The box is composed of several pieces of wood attached together. The soundboard is made of wood; pine wood is usually used to have a better sound. There are two small and a bigger lattice circles on the soundboard to make the sound out from the box; these circles are made of wood and sometimes of bone. The bridge is placed at the bottom of the soundboard. Barbat has a wooden short neck. In the past, there were frets on the neck, but today the neck has no fret. This instrument has 10 strings which are tuned in pairs together. In some Barbats, a string with the most bass voice is separate. The strings are made of animal gut or silk covered by metal or made of nylon with different thicknesses. The plectrum is made of feather of big birds or soft plastic. In a music group, Barbat provides the bass voice. This instrument can also be performed as a solo.

Barbat 1

 Mansour Nariman is a famous Iranian master of this instrument.



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