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Santour is a plucked string instrument and it is in the form of an isosceles trapezoid. This instrument is made of wood and metal and in different sizes and different tunings. The sound box of Santour consists of two trapezoidal boards which are attached together by quadruple side coils. The upper board of the instrument is made of the best part of wood. There are two flower-shaped lattice windows on the sides of this board to make the sound out from the sound box. The bridges are placed on the two sides of the board in two rows of nine.


Nine-bridge Santour has 72 strings: 36 strings cross, in groups of four, the nine bridges on the right side; they are yellow and made of copper and brass alloy. 36 other strings cross, in groups of four, the nine bridges on the left side; they are white and metallic. Santour is played by two long wooden plectrums (like stick); the head of plectrum is covered by woolen felt. This instrument can be played both in solo and in group and has a stable place in traditional music bands. Among the famous masters of this instrument, we can refer to Master Payvar and Master Meshkatian. Master Saghari was a famous luthier of this instrument.



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