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Ney or seven-internode Ney is an Iranian wind instrument. It is made of the plant reed. To make this instrument, reed should be cut in such a way that it contains seven internodes in its length. Recently, Ney has been also made artificially (synthetic Ney).
Ney consists of 5 holes in front and a hole behind it. The holes are covered by the second and fourth fingers of one hand and the first to fourth fingers of the other hand.

Ney 1

Player places Ney between two canine teeth and plays the instrument by rounding the tongue down and behind it. For improving the quality of sound and playing Ney, Houshang Pourazad invented the 9-hole Ney that provides more ability for playing this instrument.
The most difficult part of playing Ney is to make sound of it, but its fingering is easy. In general, there are two styles for playing Ney: the Style of Naeb Asadollah and the style of Kassai.

Ney KassaeiMaster Hassan Kassai


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