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Tombak (or Zarb) is an Iranian percussion. In terms of organology, this membranophone belongs to cup-shaped drums.
In the past, the body of Tombak was made of wood, clay and sometimes metal. Today it is made of wood. Tombak consists of following components:
- Skin
- Big opening
- Body
- Throat
- Small opening
The skin is glued to the big opening by a special adhesive.
Tombak dates back to the pre-Islamic era.

Tombak 1 En

Master Hossein Tehrani is properly called the father of the Tombak playing in Iran. He transformed Tombak from a limited and accompanying instrument to an independent and widespread instrument.

Tombak Tehrani

Master Hossein Tehrani

Tombak of Zourkhaneh

Tombak of Zourkhaneh is the biggest one-side-open membranophone in Iran that is played by hand.
This instrument is made of clay and in one piece. The body of the Tombak of Zourkhaneh consists of three parts:
- Box and audio cylinder
- Throat
- Horn-shaped opening at the bottom
The throat is a relatively cylindrical tube that gradually becomes wider towards the horn-shaped opening and at the end connects to this opening.

Zarb Zourkhaneh


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