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Gheychak is a stringed instrument in Iranian music and it is played, like Kamancheh, with a bow. Gheychak is basically a local instrument and most commonly used in southeastern Iran especially in Sistan & Balouchestan and Hormozgan provinces. This instrument is also widely used in northern Afghanistan in traditional music.
In ancient times, Gheychak was made from the skull of the horse and its current form is due to this. Along with every big caravan, a Gheychak player played the music; so passengers could have more puissance to continue travelling. That's why the Gheychak got wide and its various examples can be seen from east to west.

Gheychak 1
The sound box of Ghyechak is made of walnut or mulberry wood and its strings are metallic. This instrument is very old and has had a lot of uses in Iranian regional music. In terms of playing, this instrument is similar to the violoncello and even in its larger type, known as the Bam Gheychak, the violoncello bow is used.

Gheychak Badiei

Master Rahmatollah Badiei


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