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The Isfahan Music Museum is a private organization that is founded with the major aim of representing Iranian musical culture to visitors from around the world and developing cultural relations through this international language. To advance this goal and to expand the activities of the museum, your donation, regardless of the amount, is a valuable contribution.
You can contribute to the museum by donating musical instruments or music-related items (old radios, phonographs and tape recorders, phonograph records, music compact cassettes, etc) or through financial aids. Your cash donations will only be spent for the purchase of music-related items. The report on the use of cash donations will be made available to the public through the museum's website.
Donors (given the amount of donation) will get the following benefits:
- Recognition on the museum’s website;
- Free visit to the museum for themselves and their family on a permanent basis;
- Opportunity to host music-related events at the museum.

If you are interested, please contact us for further information.
The Isfahan Music Museum thanks you.

  • نشانی: اصفهان- خیابان توحید میانی- خیابان شهید قندی (مهرداد)- پلاک 74 

     Address: No. 74, Mehrdad (Shahid Ghandi) St.,Tohid St, Isfahan, Iran 

    بازدید: همه روزه از 9 صبح تا 9 شب به جز روزهای تعطیلی موزه

    Opening hours: Every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. except IMM closing days

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